General description of the walking machine project

Name of the walking machine/project: EXPLORATORES II
Begin and end of the Project: 02.1997.-continously
Project costs: 2.000 DEM
Building effort [person years]: 0 - research and development of gait and path planning methods
Source of financial support:only partially supported by PFP grant of Ministry of Culture and Education, Hungary

Research group

AI group of Institute of Mathematics and Informatics

Staff of the project:

Z. Vamossy, A. Molnar
R. Brunner, L. Varga

Information via www: http://ultra.obuda.kando.hu/~exploratores

Contact address:

Z. Vamossy, Kando Kalman Polytechnic
Budapest 8. Po. Box 112, Budapest, Hungary
Tel: ++36 1 3689 840, Fax: ++36 1 3689 632, Email: vamossy@novserv.obuda.kando.hu

Technical data of the walking machine

Dimension Capacity Mobility Energy supply
Length 0.6m Max. speed 40cm/min Number of legs 4 Energy supply DC-servos
Hight 0.27m Weight 2.1kg Act. degrees of freedom 12 Power supply 12V DC
Width 0.4m Load Pas. degrees of freedom 0 Power consumption 2 A


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